Standox 2K Clearcoat 15-60 Plus, 5 ltr.

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Standox 2K Clearcoat 15-60 Plus, 5 ltr.

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A two-component one visit clearcoat that delivers excellent appearance, is easy to polish and effortless to apply. It's the ideal clearcoat for productive repairs.

Product Details

Type - Clearcoat

Technology - Urethane

Substrates - Standox Basecoat, Standohyd Basecoat, Standoblue Basecoat

Mixing Instructions

ComponentsParts by Volume
Standox® Standocryl® 2K Clear 15-60 Plus 2
Standox® 2K Hardeners 1
Standox® 2K Thinner 0-5%
Hardener and Thinner sold separately.
Viscosity 16-18 seconds in a DIN 4 mm
Pot Life 60-90 minutes at 68°F


Apply 1.5-2 coats using one continuous application; flash 0-5 minutes before bake cycle

Gun Setup & Air Pressure

1.3-1.4 mm

Dry Time

Air DryForce Dry
Overnight 15-20 minutes at 140°F
Dry Film Thickness (mil) 2.0-2.4 mil