Standox 2K Hardener PFH 25-30, 8 ounces

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Standox 2K Hardener PFH 25-30, 8 ounces

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Standox offers a special hardener product line for optimal results and best possible flexibility.
Depending on requirement – as micro repair, part or complete respray – and garage conditions Standox assures always best results at a high user-friendliness.  

77-86 degrees

To be used with 2K Clearcoats


Standocryl® Specialty Midcoats:

Working Process: Blending-in with 2K Specialty Midcoats
Painting:  Prepare let-down panel to verify color match and number of coats of midcoat needed.
 Mix Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat and Standox PFC 20 Clear or Standox 2K Premium Clear
according to TDS. Use two spray guns or two disposable cups to work effectively and
1. Apply the first coat of Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat over the blended basecoat. Extend each
coat until color match determined by let-down panel is achieved. Flash off 2 - 5 min/68°F
(20°C) between coats. Do not extend the Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat to the end of the
blend panel.
2. Apply PFC 20 Clear or 2K Premium Clear (U.S. National Rule) in a thin closed coat. Apply
clear from the end of blend panel to the edge of the blended Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat.
Use this application to melt in the overspray transition of the Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat.
3. Bake blended Standocryl® Specialty Midcoat and PFC 20 Clear or 2K Premium Clear for 15
minutes@ 130°F (55°C). Allow to cool before applying a Standox 2K Standocryl® Clearcoat to
entire repair panel.
4. Apply 1.5 coats of Standox 2K Standocryl® Clearcoat & 2K Standox Hardener to complete the repair process.