USC 26037 Pro-Flex Super Flexible Polyester Finishing Putty

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USC 26037 Pro-Flex Super Flexible Polyester Finishing Putty

Pro-Flex super flexible, polyster, self-leveling putty is specially formulated for use on flexible and rigid bumpers, plastic and fiberglass parts found on vehicles and motorcycles. The smooth flowing consistency is perfect for blends and Pro-Flex self levels to an easy to sand finish, making it ideal as a final coat over filler. Pro-Flex can also be used on properly prepped metal surfaces.

MIXING: For best results, bring putty and provided hardener to room temperature (minimum temperature 68ºF). Knead hardener tube before use. Place a 4” diameter puddle of putty on a clean mixing surface (we recommend a non-absorbent plastic mixing board) and add a ribbon of cream hardener from edge to edge across the center of the putty puddle (puddles larger than 4” will require additional hardener); or measure hardener at 2% by weight – a 50-1 ratio. Mix thoroughly with a plastic spreader, using a folding motion, until uniform color is achieved. At room temperature (68ºF) approximate setting time is 3-5 minutes.

Appearance as Packaged: Off-White VOC Packaged: 281 g/l Applied: 2.2 g/l Weight Per Gallon (Density): 9.4 pounds/gallon (Average) Maximum Recommended Thickness (sanded): 1/8” Viscosity @ 77 ° F: 18,000 cps Gel Time @ 77 ° F: 4.0 – 5.0 minutes Shore “D” Hardness Values @ 24 hours: 40-50 Sanding Time @ 77 o F: 15 minutes Maximum Heat: 200F for 30 minutes Catalyst Required: Benzoyl Peroxide Catalyzation Ratio: 2% by weight (50:1 ratio) Exotherm Temperature: 205ºF (Average) Tack Free Time: 15-20 minutes