Nason 1K Acrylic Primer gray 421-08, quart


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A one-component, chromate free primer filler that delivers good corrosion protection and is suitable for weld-throughs.

Product Details

Type Primer-Filler
Technology PVB
Substrates Bare metal-aluminum-galvanized metal, sanded and thoroughly cleaned Through-hardened 2K Filler, sanded Sanded, solvent resistant OEM primers used on replacement parts Standox polyester substrates, sanded (for adhesion in case of sand-throughs)

Mixing Instructions

ComponentsParts by Volume
Standox® 1K Primer Filler 1
Standox® 2K Thinners 50%
Viscosity 18-20 seconds in a DIN 4 mm


Apply 1 coat

Dry Time

Air DryForce Dry
10-15 minutes at 68°F  
Dry Film Thickness (mil) 1.3-1.4 mm

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