Standox Wheel Toner System for 2019 Accessory Deck Update 1, 8 Ounce Kit


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Wheel Paint System for 2019 Accessory Deck Update 1


To be used with the ColorQuick software. Call today to subscribe.

Standox paint system designed for wheels, all 39 toners are 8 ounces.  Included in the kit is the 2019 Standox Accessory Wheel Deck Update 1 and every toner needed to complete any solvent wheel in the deck. Now you will have everything you need to repair those hard to determine wheel colors.  Software purchased separately.

Use your ColorQuick software to retrieve the formulas for each color swatch.  All that's required are 2 criteria: choose Accessory Color Deck in the Manufacturer cell & locate the color code on the back of the swatch and enter into the Code cell.  That's it!

One more value added service you can offer your customer.


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